Tick Control in Sydney

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Tick Control in Sydney

Worried about ticks? Ticks spread diseases like Lyme disease and Q fever. Their bites can cause painful itching and swelling. Getting them under control is important for your health and peace of mind.

At Green Pest Control Sydney, we understand how stressful a tick problem can be. That’s why our number one priority is getting rid of ticks quickly and effectively while keeping you and your family safe. We use IPM techniques that are eco-friendly and safe. Our decade of experience means we get the job done right the first time. And we back our tick control treatments with a customer satisfaction warranty.

The threat of ticks is real. These tiny parasites can latch onto your clothes and skin and spread nasty diseases. Lyme disease is no joke – it can cause chronic health issues if left untreated. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive and stop these biting bugs before they take hold.

Nasty ticks won’t go away on their own.

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Sleep better knowing there are no more ticks on your property.

What are Ticks?

Ticks are small, blood-sucking parasites that feed on humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife. They have four life stages – egg, larva, nymph, and adult. After hatching from eggs, ticks must have a blood meal at every stage to grow into the next one. These parasitic arachnids detect carbon dioxide, heat, motion, and odors to find hosts to feed on.

There are over 800 species of ticks, but some common ones in Australia include:

  • Paralysis tick – This is the most common and dangerous type in Sydney. It can cause tick paralysis and encephalitis in pets and humans if not removed quickly.
  • Bush tick – A common tick in eastern Australia that can transmit diseases to cats, dogs, and sometimes humans. Bush ticks are aggressive biters and are found in woods, forests, and scrublands.
  • Brown dog tick – Despite the name, it feeds on a variety of hosts including wildlife, domestic animals, and humans. It is widespread across Australia and can transmit diseases.
  • Cattle tick – An invasive specie that affects livestock. Cattle ticks spread babesiosis and anaplasmosis to cattle populations. Not typically found on humans.

Risks of Ticks

Ticks may be small, but they can cause big problems if left uncontrolled. They can spread dangerous tick-borne diseases to humans and pets such as Lyme disease, Q fever, and rickettsial infections.

The toxins in tick bites can also cause allergic reactions and paralysis. Excessive scratching can result in skin infections. Pets with heavy infestations can suffer from anemia due to blood loss.

It’s clear that ticks pose many health risks. Controlling these pests is critically important for your family and pets.

Signs of Tick Infestation

  • Finding ticks crawling on skin or pets
  • Bites on humans or animals
  • Rashes or itchy welts
  • Changes in pet behavior or health
  • Droppings on walls or furniture
  • Crawling ticks in the yard or garden

How to Control and Prevent Ticks

  • Clear tall grasses and brush where ticks live
  • Create tick pest control barriers with sprays
  • Use tick prevention collars/treatments on pets
  • Do regular checks after being outdoors
  • Treat yards with pet-safe pesticides
  • Wear long sleeves and pants in tick habitats

How to Remove a Tick

How to Remove a Tick

  1. Use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin. Avoid squeezing the tick’s body.
  2. Gently pull straight up until the tick lets go. Do not twist or jerk the tick. This may leave mouthparts in the skin.
  3. Clean the bite area with soap and water or an antiseptic.
  4. Apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection.
  5. Watch for signs of illness like rash or flu-like symptoms. See a doctor if these develop.
  6. Save the tick in a sealed bag or jar. This can help with identification if you do get sick.
  7. Call a professional pest control company to treat your property.

What to Do if You Have a Tick Problem

If you spot ticks in your home or on pets, call us right away at 02 8188 3994 for effective treatment solutions.

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your property and develop a customised plan to eliminate ticks and prevent re-infestation.

Act now to protect your family.

Our Services

  • Inspection and risk assessment
  • Barrier sprays and perimeter treatments
  • Safe, effective pesticides
  • Follow-up checks and re-treatment if needed
  • Pet tick prevention products and advice
  • Tick removal and bite treatment
  • Ongoing maintenance and prevention plans

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We provide tick treatments in all areas of Sydney including the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Greater Western Sydney, and the Hills District.

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