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Do you have a bee problem? The constant buzzing and fear of getting stung are not only annoying but also a source of worry for the safety of your family and pets.

Call experienced bee removal experts to get rid of it safely and effectively. Green Pest Control Sydney have over 10 years of experience providing effective bee control services. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Bee control is essential because bee stings can cause painful swelling, allergic reactions, and even anaphylactic shock. Bees can also cause property damage when nesting.

Our bee control experts will inspect your home and assess the situation. We use eco-friendly methods and relocation techniques to safely get rid of these insects without harming them. Our treatments completely prevent the insects from rebuilding hives on your land.

Don’t wait until someone gets stung. Take action now!

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What are Bees?

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. They have bulbous hairy bodies with two sets of wings. There are over 20,000 known species of bees worldwide.

Some of the most common bees in Sydney include:

  • European honey bee – Most common bee kept for honey production. Lives in large hives with thousands of workers. Tend to swarm when new queens hatch.
  • Stingless bees – Small, stingless bees that produce honey. They build hives in hollow logs and trees.
  • Blue Banded bees – Medium-sized native bees with bright blue bands on abdomen. Nest underground or in cavities.
  • Teddy bear bees – Large, fuzzy bees covered in orange hair. They collect flower pollen on their body hairs.
  • Cuckoo bees – Parasitic bees that lay eggs in other bee nests.
  • Leafcutter bees – Carry pieces of leaves back to line their nests. They’re important pollinator of plants.
  • Resin bees – Use plant resins to build nests in cavities. Smaller than honeybees with some metallic sheens.

While many bees are pollinators, they can become a nuisance and health risk. They cause damage when they build hives and form colonies around homes. Some species are quite aggressive and likely to sting if disturbed.

The Risks of Bees

A bee infestation poses several risks and controlling it quickly is essential. Their painful stings often cause painful swelling and can lead to severe, even life-threatening allergic reactions. These may lead to anaphylactic shock, a serious response that causes breathing difficulty, a crash in blood pressure, and death if untreated.

Entire bee colonies will attack aggressively if they sense their nest is in danger. They bombard victims with dozens or even hundreds of stings. Nests built inside of walls and roofs over time can weaken structural integrity. Honey and wax from the nest can also seep into interior walls and damage wood over time.

If you find a beehive on your property, keep your distance. Let your family and visitors know where it is so they can avoid it. We suggest leaving bees alone since many species are endangered. But get professional removal if someone is allergic to ensure their safety first.

Signs of Infestation

  • Buzzing sounds of nearby swarms
  • Bees entering and exiting small cracks or holes
  • Visible hive or honeycomb
  • Multiple bees hovering at one area
  • Dead bees around the property
  • Wood or drywall damage from nesting activity

How to Control / Prevent Bees

  • Call a professional pest control company
  • Seal cracks, holes, and other entry points after removal
  • Keep bins and potential food sources tightly sealed
  • Avoid wearing strong perfumes or planting heavily flowering plants
  • Install screens on vents, chimneys, and weep holes
  • Use non-toxic deterrents like mint oil in problem areas

What to Do If You Have a Bee Problem

Bee Problems

Call our professional pest experts at 02 8188 3994 for safe, effective bee control.

We’re ready to help inspect your property and create a tailored treatment plan.

Our Services

  • Bee hive removal and extermination
  • Identify entry points and seal cracks
  • Apply repellents and deterrents
  • Post-treatment cleanup and exclusion
  • Customised control plans
  • Preventative bee-proofing and modifications
  • Wasp, hornet, and yellowjacket removal
  • Expert advice

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We provide professional bee control across Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas including:

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