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Sick of fleas in your home? Fleas are a common pest that can quickly infest your home and bite both pets and humans, leading to skin irritation and even infections.

With the right flea treatment, your home can be free of fleas fast. Green Pest Control Sydney has over 10 years of experience using proven methods to kick them out for good. We are specialists in effective flea extermination and prevention.

Our licensed and insured pest control experts will come to your home and inspect to find infected areas. We’ll get rid of the insects through safe, convenient, targeted treatments including indoor and outdoor spraying. We even offer flea control for yards and properties.

Our treatments keep working for months afterward. And we back our flea treatments with a customer satisfaction warranty. If they come back within 3 months, we’ll treat them again for free.

Don’t let your family and pets suffer another day.

Contact Green Pest Control Sydney today at 02 8188 3994 to schedule an inspection. Or visit our contact page to request a quote and get customised flea elimination plans.

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End of Lease Flea Treatment

When you move out of a rental property in Sydney, a flea treatment is required by law. This involves thoroughly inspecting and treating the property to eliminate any infestation.

It’s mandatory because fleas can quickly spread between tenants. The treatment ensures the property is flea-free before new tenants move in. This prevents the next residents from inheriting a flea problem left behind by the previous ones.

Even if a tenant doesn’t have pets, they are still required to have pest control done before moving out. This is because any previous tenants may have had pets that brought fleas into the property.

The treatment has to be done by a licensed pest control company. A tenant needs to show proof to the landlord or real estate agent. If they don’t, they may not get their full security deposit back when they move out. Sydney rental law states the tenant moving out is responsible for arranging and paying for flea control services.

Don’t risk losing part of your rental bond by skipping the end-of-lease requirement.

Our technicians at Green Pest Control Sydney can handle it professionally. We’ll provide written documentation that you’ve fulfilled this legal requirement for your rental agency.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny jumping insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are only 1-3 mm long and can leap huge distances compared to their size. Their life cycle goes through four life stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Female fleas breed quickly in warm environments. Fleas spread diseases and can infest homes very fast. They like to live in carpets, bedding, furniture, and pets resting areas.

Pets can get infections from too many bites. Flea saliva can cause swelling and irritation in animals that are allergic to it. These insects also carry other pests like tapeworms that make dogs and cats sick.

Common Flea Species

  • Cat flea – Most common flea in Sydney homes, feeds on cats, dogs and humans.
  • Dog flea – Prefers to feed on dogs but will bite humans.
  • Human flea – Feeds primarily on humans but also bites dogs and cats.
  • Rat flea – Found on rats and mice but also bites humans. Can spread plague.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Signs of a Flea Infestation

  • Flea bites on you or your pets
  • Small black specks that look like dirt on bedding and pets – this is flea poop
  • Pets scratching, licking or biting themselves more than normal
  • Fleas jumping off your pet’s fur
  • Pale gunk on pet fur – flea eggs and dirt
  • Bites on your legs and ankles

How to Control and Prevent Fleas

  • Vacuum and wash bedding/pet items to remove eggs and poop
  • Use flea treatment products on your pets all year round
  • Spray insecticide in your home to kill adult fleas
  • Treat pets with flea collars, shampoo, pills
  • Get professional flea pest control treatments for severe cases

What to Do if You Have a Problem

Call the flea experts at 02 8188 3994 to schedule reliable pest treatment services. Or contact us online for a free inspection and quote.

Our reliable control methods will get rid of your flea issue quickly and effectively.

Our Flea Pest Control Services

  • Flea inspection and identification
  • Carpet, furniture and bedding treatments
  • Flea fogging
  • Yard and garden treatments
  • Pet treatments
  • Follow-up flea control and prevention plans
  • Commercial treatment solutions
  • Emergency services
  • End-of-lease flea treatments

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  • 10+ years removing fleas
  • Licensed & insured technicians
  • Use latest methods & formulas
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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