Building & Pest Inspections in Sydney

Do you own a home or building in Sydney? Want to protect it against pests and issues? As a property owner, you need to know your property’s condition fully. Visual inspections only show some problems on the surface. Hidden issues could cost thousands of dollars later on.

At Green Pest Control Sydney, we thoroughly perform property inspections inside and out. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and technology. And have over 10 years of extensive experience in the industry.

Moreover, our qualified technicians carry professional indemnity insurance for your protection and peace of mind.

Pests and building problems are stressful and frustrating. And they can be very expensive if left unchecked.

Get peace of mind by scheduling a detailed inspection today.

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The Inspection Process

Our process is thorough yet fast. Here’s what our pest inspector do:

Walk the exterior

  • Check the foundation, roof exterior, gutters, walls. We use ladders and lights as needed.

Inspect the interior

  • Start at the top – roof, attic. Check for water stains, mold, pests.

Check each room for issues

  • Cracks, faulty wiring, leaks. Use thermal cameras.

Look under sinks and appliances

  • Find hidden leaks, droppings.

Inspect the yard, garage, garden

  • Find pest nests. Use metal detectors for termites.

Give a pest prevention plan for the future

What to Expect During the Inspection

Here’s what to expect:

  • The technician walks all rooms, storage, attic, crawlspaces. May move some furniture or boxes.
  • They check the exterior top to bottom. Use ladders to inspect the roof. Move branches to see walls.
  • They open cutaway boxes, appliances. Wear covers to protect floors and carpets.
  • Use moisture meters, thermal cameras in walls, ceilings, slabs. Non-invasive.
  • Tap tile, wood, walls. Listen for hollow damaged spots. May remove some wall plates.
  • Ask before doing semi-invasive inspections. Removing insulation, drilling holes.

Benefits of a Professional Inspection

  • Find pests before major damage.
  • Save on costs.
  • Discover leaks and hazards before big repairs.
  • Avoid buying property with hidden issues.
  • Get peace of mind.
  • Prevent pest damage to furnishings and valuables.
  • Keep family safe from diseases, bites, asthma.
  • Maintain property value with pest prevention.

Even the best inspection could miss a well-hidden issue. But our experience and tools minimize this risk.

Signs You Should Schedule an Inspection

Here are signs your property needs an inspection:

  • See termite swarms, wings, mud tunnels.
  • Find droppings from roaches, rodents, pests.
  • Hear scratching in walls from mice or possums.
  • See warped floors, sticking doors, new cracks.
  • Smell musty odors or see moisture on walls.
  • Find tiny holes in wood furniture.

Don’t ignore these signs. Call us to schedule an inspection now.

Areas We Thoroughly Inspect

We thoroughly inspect interior and exterior areas:

Interior Areas

  • Roof – tiles, leaks, sagging, pest entry points
  • Attic – insulation, ventilation, timber damage
  • Walls – cracks, termite tunnels, moisture
  • Foundations – shifts, cracks, water issues
  • Bathrooms – leaks, mold
  • Kitchen – under appliances and sinks for pests
  • Bedrooms – carpet, baseboards, closets
  • Living areas – floors, windows, fireplaces
  • Wiring – faulty outlets, old wires
  • Plumbing – leaks causing moisture

Exterior Areas

  • Eaves – gaps allowing pests
  • Exterior walls – structural problems
  • Gutters – clogs causing water damage
  • Yard – gardens, trees, fences for pests
  • Garage and sheds – entry points, nests
  • Outdoor wiring – faults
  • Doors and windows – cracks, leaks

No area missed. You get a full inspection inside and out.

Advanced Tools We Use

We use advanced tools to inspect:

  • Borescope cameras – look inside walls, crawl spaces
  • Moisture meters – find water damage
  • Thermal cameras – spot pest activity behind walls
  • Metal detectors – find termites under slabs
  • Ladders – safely inspect roof space, attics
  • Flashlights – light up dark corners
  • Protective gear – gloves, masks, suits

Our experience allows thorough inspections without damage.

What’s Included in the Pest Inspections Report

Our professional building inspection report includes:

  • Summary of main issues needing attention
  • 150+ photos of problems found
  • Location and details of pest activity
  • Termite damage level and treatment recommendations
  • Moisture, leak, ventilation, mold status
  • Overview of building defects/condition risks
  • Diagrams of problem areas
  • Quotes for suggested repairs from contractors
  • Standards used to evaluate

Get the information you need to budget repairs and make decisions. We also explain the main issues clearly.

When to Schedule

Schedule inspections with us at these times:

  • Seasonally – spring, fall when pests are active
  • Before major weather events – heavy rain, storms
  • Before listing a property for sale
  • After fire, flood or storm damage – assess and repairs
  • When buying – always get a pre-purchase inspection
  • Before open houses if selling
  • New construction – warranty documentation

Regular inspections prevent thousands in repairs later. Contact us to schedule yours today.

What to Do After the Inspection Report

After receiving your comprehensive pest inspections report, here are some recommended next steps:

  • Review the summary and detailed report. Note major issues.
  • Get 2-3 repair quotes from qualified contractors.
  • Ask detailed questions of contractors. Methods, materials, timelines.
  • Compare quotes and reviews. Choose contractors wisely.
  • Prioritize critical issues – moisture, electrical, leaks.
  • Monitor identified problem areas for new pest signs.
  • Keep repair documents for future buyers.

Please let us know if you need reputable contractor references for repairs or maintenance. We want to make the process smooth and hassle-free!

Our Building & Pest Inspections Services

We perform these inspection services:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections
  • Pre-sale building inspections
  • Termite inspection with thermal imaging
  • Timber pest inspections – presence of termites, beetles, borers
  • Pest inspections – rodents, roaches, spiders
  • Warehouse inspections for product pests
  • Restaurant and food facility inspections
  • Ant, bed bug and bee inspections

We also inspect moisture, leaks, ventilation, asbestos risks.


How long is the pest inspections?

  • 2-3 hours for most single family homes. Larger places take longer.

What does it cost?

  • Price starts at $385 for standard homes. Pricing depends on size.

Should I be there?

  • Recommended but not required. You can ask questions.

What if you notice a major defects?

  • We’ll point it out and recommend repairs. But we don’t do unapproved repairs.

Do you inspect for asbestos?

  • We don’t test for it. But we note concerning materials.

When do I get the building report?

  • Usually within 24 hours after inspection completes.

Client Testimonials

“Green Pest Control Sydney was so thorough and helpful. They spent over 2 hours inspecting our home. Explained everything well. The report gave us the full picture before buying. I’d recommend them to anyone.” – John S.

“I’ve used Green Pest Control company for 5 years to inspect my Sydney rental properties before new tenants. The technicians are professional and detailed. I appreciate the comprehensive building inspection reports that keep my commercial properties well maintained.” – Amanda R.

“We had no idea there was termite damage and mold in the attic until Green Pest Control inspected our home before sale. They likely saved us thousands in repairs. Their technicians take the time for a proper inspection. It shows in their reports.” – Christopher T.

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