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Sick of birds messing up your home or business? We feel you. Pesky birds can cause some big problems if they set up camp where they’re not wanted. At Green Pest Control Sydney, we specialize in getting rid of them humanely. With over 10 years under our belts, our licensed and insured technicians know how to handle any bird problem.

We’ll inspect your property and make a plan matched to the them and their behaviors. Our bird control services use deterrents like netting, spike strips, caps, and gels to scare them away for good. We focus on prevention and exclusion – never poisons. Our technicians can safely work at heights too.

What makes us different? We offer a satisfaction warranty and won’t quit until you’re 100% happy.

We also use humane methods, no killings here. Ready to reclaim your space from those pesky pigeons for good?

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Our Experience and Expertise with Bird Control

With over a decade of experience, our licensed technicians have seen and solved every bird problem out there. We’ve removed pigeons from warehouses, scared away seagulls from pools, and gotten rid of starling infestations in offices. No pest is too big or too small for us to handle.

The Trouble

They may seem like harmless creatures, but they can cause some serious issues if left unchecked:

  • Health hazards from droppings and feathers
  • Property damage from nesting and pecking
  • Noise problems from squawking and chirping
  • Safety issues from birds getting trapped inside
  • Harm to the environment from large bird infestations

How We Get Rid of Infestation

We use a combination of humane exclusion, repellents and deterrents to get rid of them for good.

  • Exclusion: Blocking entry points and roosting spots with netting, wire mesh, spikes, caps etc.
  • Repellents: Harmless fogging, gels or liquids make areas uncomfortable.
  • Deterrents: Fake predators, flashing lights, sounds, lasers scare them away.

We customise solutions to match the species and behaviors. Safety is also top priority when working at heights.

Common Bird Species We Remove

Pigeons, seagulls, starlings and sparrows are some of the most common birds we’re called about. But our experts can handle any species from finches to ravens and everything in between. We know their behaviors and how to outsmart them.

Signs of a Problem

Seeing a few of these signs likely means there’s a bird problem on your property:

  • Droppings/feathers gathering
  • Nesting areas visible
  • Sounds of chirping/squawking
  • Evidence of pecking/scratching
  • They constantly landing/taking off

Our Methods

For safe and humane bird removal, contact the pros at Green Pest Control Sydney. DIY methods rarely work long-term. Our experts will:

  • Inspect and identify entry points
  • Install humane deterrents
  • Apply gels/fogging to repel
  • Block nesting spots
  • Safely remove any nests and nesting materials

DIY vs Professional Bird Control

While DIY methods may seem cheaper, they rarely solve bird problems long-term. Our professional technicians have the experience, tools and expertise to get rid of them humanely and effectively.

Bird Control Services

  • Pigeon Infestation control
  • Seagull removal
  • Starling removal
  • Netting installation
  • Spike installation
  • Sound/light deterrents
  • Laser bird deterrents
  • Repellent fogging
  • Nest removal and exclusion


Bird control costs vary based on the size of your property and infestation levels. Here are ballpark price ranges for some common services:

  • Netting installation – starts at $200
  • Spike installation – starts at $150
  • Pigeon deterrent gel application – starts at $100
  • Seagull nest removal and exclusion – starts at $250

Call us today for a free quote tailored to your situation!

Our Bird Control Technicians

Our licensed technicians undergo extensive hands-on training in behavior and biology. They use proper safety harnesses, gear and procedures when working at heights. You can trust our experts to get the job done safely.

Bird Problems in Sydney

Over 200,000 seagulls inhabit Sydney Harbour alone. Pigeons can produce over 10 pounds of droppings per year each. It’s clear they can quickly become a major nuisance!

Behavior Insights

Our decade of experience has taught us the behaviors of all common species:

  • Pigeons love to nest on ledges inside warehouses.
  • Seagulls scout for food near water and grab leftovers in outdoor dining areas.
  • Starlings squeeze into tiny gaps and make nests in office buildings.
  • Sparrows scavenge for seeds and food scraps around backyards and gardens.

Knowing these behaviors helps us identify and block entry and nesting spots.


How do you get rid of birds naturally?

We use humane exclusion treatments like netting, gels and fogging that make areas uncomfortable for them without harming them.

How do I get rid of birds in my roof?

Sealing entry points like fascia gaps with wire mesh is the best method. We can also install chimney caps and remove any nests.

What smells deter birds?

They hate the smells of garlic, cinnamon, eucalyptus and menthol. We can apply gels with these scents to repel them from roosting.

How do Pigeon droppings impact human health?

Pigeon droppings can contain diseases harmful to people if inhaled or touched. We use proper protective gear when cleaning or working around droppings.

Why is professional bird control better than DIY?

DIY methods like netting or spikes may help temporarily but they often return. Our experts identify all entry points and use proven deterrents for long-term results.

Can birds cause damage to buildings?

A: Yes, from nesting materials clogging gutters to droppings eroding surfaces, birds can lead to costly repairs if left uncontrolled. We help prevent damage.


“Green Pest Control got rid of the nasty pigeon nests on our building quickly and humanely. No more mess and noise – thanks team!” – Sarah, Sydney CBD

“The seagull deterrents installed by Green Pest really worked wonders. No more birds trying to steal food or making a racket outside our waterfront cafe.” – Mark, Manly

“So happy we called in the experts at Green Pest Control to evict the starlings from our office. They identified the entry points, blocked them up and scared the birds away for good.” – Lisa, Parramatta

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