How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Australia?

Comprehensive Pest Treatment Pricing Guide

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Australia

Pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and mice in your home can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Getting rid of them often requires help from professional controllers of Green Pest Control, but how much does it cost? The average treatment for a 3-bedroom house costs $150-$300. The price increases for severe infestations or larger homes. Keep reading to learn more about what impacts the cost and how to find affordable options in Australia.

Average Pest Control Prices by Property Type

Here are the average prices you can expect to pay for treatment services on different types of properties:

Property TypeAverage Price
1 Bedroom Apartment$80 – $150
2 Bedroom Apartment$100 – $200
3 Bedroom House$150 – $300
4 Bedroom House$200 – $350
Commercial Office$300 – $600
Restaurant$400 – $800


These prices are for a standard solutions that target common pests like silverfish, and mice. The treatment typically involves spraying chemical insecticides and setting repellent traps throughout the property.

When the level of pest activity is severe, fumigation or multiple treatments may be required. This brings the costs to the higher end of the price ranges or even beyond.

What’s Included in Pest Control Services

Pest control experts will carry out:

  • Inspection – Thorough inspection to identify all bugs and insects’ hiding spots and infestation levels
  • Extermination – Spraying chemicals and placing baits
  • Prevention – Applying treatments around the exterior and in key areas to prevent future issues
  • Follow Up – Scheduling follow up visits and treatments to ensure unwanted guests are eliminated
  • Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance visits or regular treatments to prevent any new infestations (often quarterly or biannual)

By providing extermination, prevention, and maintenance, a good pest controller can help keep your home free of pests all year round. This is especially important for pests like cockroaches that come back easily if not completely killed off.

Preventative treatments and maintenance services may cost extra but can save you money in the long run. These methods help avoid severe infestations that could require extensive treatment.

Common Household Pests and Price per Treatment

Here are some of the most common types of pests found in Australian homes and what you can expect to pay for targeted treatments:


Cost – $150-$300 for initial treatment

One of the most common bugs, especially in apartments. They can rapidly multiply and spread bacteria. Expect to pay more for heavy cockroach infestations.


Cost – $80-$250

Sugar ants, black ants, and other varieties frequently enter homes in search of food. They are persistent and often require multiple treatments. How much you’ll pay will depend on the extent of the infestation.


Cost – $100-$200 on average

Dealing with this type of pest focuses on sealing entry points and spraying insecticides in their habitats.


Cost – $200-$400 for initial treatment

Mice and rats can enter homes through small cracks and holes. Treatment involves placing traps and sealing up entryways.


Cost – $100-$200 for service call and treatment

These small critters feed on paper, clothing, and other household items.

Wasps & Bees

Cost –  $150-$300 per hive removal

Wasps build nests on structures, while bees inhabit wall voids. Removal often requires special equipment and protective gear.


Cost – $1,000-$5,000+ depending on the extent of infestation

These insects can cause major structural damage if left untreated. Specialized termite control and fumigation is needed.

Average Pest Control Rates by City

Rates can vary across different cities in Australia. Here are the average prices for standard pest extermination in major cities:

CityAverage Cost
Sydney$180 – $280
Melbourne$150 – $250
Brisbane$140 – $220
Perth$160 – $260
Adelaide$130 – $210


Rates are generally highest in Sydney, followed by other major metro areas. Rural and regional areas may be 20-30% cheaper on average.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Pest Management

Getting the Best Value for Your Pest Control Dollar in Sydney

Several factors influence the cost of pest control services for your property:

  • Type of Service – Basic spraying is cheaper than fumigation or heat treatments for difficult pests.
  • Type of Property – Larger homes or commercial properties cost more to treat than small apartments.
  • Type of Treatment – Eco-friendly pest control is 20-30% more expensive but safer for humans and pets.
  • Level of Infestation – More extensive infestations take longer to treat and require more pesticide and labor.
  • Size of Property – Larger homes or commercial spaces have higher square footage requiring more materials and time.
  • Size of Yard – Treating large outdoor areas increases costs due to more spraying and labor time.
  • Frequency of Service – Ongoing maintenance visits cost less per visit compared to one-time treatments.

How to Keep Pest Control Costs Low

  • Compare rates: Get quotes from 3-4 local companies to compare. Rates can vary a lot!
  • Ask about discounts: Some companies offer senior, military, or bundled service discounts.
  • Check for coupons: Companies sometimes offer seasonal or first-time customer coupons.
  • DIY treatments: For minor issues, DIY sprays and traps can be effective.
  • Prevent pests: Keep a tidy home, store food properly, and seal cracks to discourage pests.
  • Schedule annually: Annual preventative treatments are cheaper than calling at the first sign of pests.

DIY Pest Control Options and Costs

Doing your own pest control can save money but has risks:

DIY Pest Control Methods

  • Sprays – Aerosol or liquid insecticides from hardware stores.
  • Baits – Pre-made traps and gels for placing around the home.
  • Powders – Boric acid or diatomaceous earth to spread in pest habitats.
  • Traps – Glue boards and other mechanical traps.

Cost of DIY Products

  • Insecticide Sprays – $10-$30
  • Bait Traps – $15-$40 for a package
  • Dusts and Powders – $10-$20 per bottle
  • Traps – $5-$20 each

Pros of DIY Pest Control

  • Lower cost than hiring a professional
  • Convenience of doing it yourself

Cons of DIY Pest Control

  • Takes more time and effort
  • Risk of improper application leading to lower effectiveness
  • Safety hazards from chemicals if not applied correctly
  • Difficulty reaching hiding spots or treating the full extent of a pest infestation

For severe infestations, bringing in a professional exterminator is highly recommended over attempting DIY treatment. Professionals have the proper equipment, chemicals, and training to eliminate pests.

Finding a Reputable Pest Controller

Here are some tips for finding a good, affordable pest control company:

  • Get recommendations from neighbors, friends, or real estate agents.
  • Search online reviews sites like Yelp to find top-rated companies.
  • Look for licensed and insured companies.
  • Ask if they offer non-toxic options.
  • Request quotes from 3-4 companies for comparison.
  • Ask what services are included.
  • Look for companies that provide guarantees.
  • Avoid companies that pressure you to sign expensive ongoing contracts.

A good pest controller will check your pest problem thoroughly. Then, they will suggest solutions that will safely get rid of pests completely.


The cost to get rid of pests can vary a lot based on how bad your pest problem is and the size of your home. It can range from $80 for a small apartment to over $1000 for large homes with huge pest problems like termites. On average, you can expect to pay $150-$300 to get pest control done in a normal 3-bedroom Australian home. While you can try DIY options, hiring a professional exterminator is usually the best way to go, especially for really bad pest infestations. Make sure to get quotes from a few pest companies before picking one. With the right treatment, you can get rid of annoying and dangerous pests and have a clean, healthy home again.